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Pure Steel Metal With A Meaning
It's been summer 2014 when Knut joined the Radiowerkstatt (Radio workshop).

The Radiowerkstatt - a project of the Bündnis gegen Depression (Federation against depression) and the Psyhosozialen Dienste Niederösterreich (Psychosocial services Lower Austria) - is on the one hand kind of an ergotherapy for people with a psychic disease where afflicted persons present that they're ordinary people towards publicness without mutual reservations and that they want to be treated as such.
On the other hand the goal of the radio workshop is offering a meaningful engagement to afflicted people where they can experience self-affirmation and motivation as well as joy in their lives.
In monthly rotation there are either an editorial meeting where topics for the next show/s will be elaborated (which will be well-wrought by every single team member at their homes) and the jobs for the next live show will be allocated.

A live show lasts one hour and will be broadcasted the month after the editorial meeting on Campus & City Radio, St.Pölten.

St.Pölten? Hasn´t there been anything? Yes sure!
In the beginning of 2015 Knut has been asking the stations CEO if they were interested into a heavy metal format. Basically they affirmed but without nailing down anything.

First months later I the beginning of December the same year after Knut`s been asking again everything went quickly.

This time Knut didn´t reach only open ears but also excitement!

Within only a few days a meeting was happening between the stations CEO, the responsible person of program and culture and Knut and already at the end of January 2016 a nameless rehearsal show took place to see how everybody felt with it.

After everyone has been satisfied by that show nothing could stop a regular show anymore. The baby got the name PURE STEEL and started on February 9th 2016.

A name for the show has been found easily.

Because the name Knut associated to a Berlin polar bear at least was driving a mild smile into the face if not the one or other loud laughter out of some listeners and PURE STEEL never would have been taken seriously it´s been necessary to find a pseudonynm for the master of ceremonies. A quick prayer and the answer was clear.

Based on the German medical title Obermedizinalrat and because PURE STEEL has the caption "Metal with a meaning" the pseudonynm is: OberMetalzinalrat.

Finally the meaning of many lyrics of the broadcasted songs and bands may have a healing impact to those who are listening closely.

As well as the sprit which is transmitted by the bands who is no one less than God´s holy spirit!
And that´s what it´s all about for us who are creating a brandnew show every 14 days.
We don´t want to see this world going to the dogs no longer and as everybody harms another!

Who we are:

Reiner, mainly he´s supporting us in things like correspondency and the selection of music.
Also he he´s got the perfect name for the show. That´s just the way it is when your last name is Stahl. 

Dorian, our webmaster is writing also reviews because he´s got the best knowledge of all metal styles. and

Knut, as OberMetalzinalrat our audible face. Because he´s the initiator of the show he´s still caring a bit of everything relating to it.

Also he´s our visuable face. He´s the one who represents PURE STEEL at any kind of events, concerts and festivals and also he´s doing the interviews.

If you at any kind of event should see a guy wearing a PURE STEEL shirt where you can read also the word "OberMetalzinalrat" who´s bustling around, just dare and talk to him.

Sometimes he´s looking some kind of angry but he don't bites!

We would be absolutely glad if through the show as many listeners as possible will get to know God personally because this is the purpose of it!

No reason to feel yourself set under pressure or not to tune in again because even if you can´t take this message there´s still a lot of good music you would miss otherwise!

Because stagnation means is regression as we know and because our desire is to reach as many matelheads as possible with the healing message we didn´t stuck at only one station.
Additional since March 2018 you can listen to us at the Berlin online station "Farbe Radio" and sice May the same year furthermore (over DAB+) on NOW Radio Vienna.

The latter is an terrestrial station as City Radio also but both stations also are having a live stream.

Alone in terrestrial ways aqctually we´re reaching a potential of over 2.500.000 listeners and worldwide many more online.

Within the last years our ministry evolved with a pace that often we´re standing stunned and just watching.

Since Knut started PURE STEEL he just wanted to do radio and broadcast some heavy metal. This has been as already mentioned back in February 2016.

Only a month later he went to the first festival for promoting the show and doing some interviews and earned first appreciation by recognizing that fans and musicians in the same measure are relying on him.

Meanwhile organisers are partially asking us whether we´re interested in visiting their events.

Bands who are under our radar because they´re from other parts of the world suddenly are contacting us to introduce themselves asking if they can send us their albums for getting some airplay.

If sometimes the work with PURE STEEL is to much for us and we become frustrated God´s placing some people into a train who are talking about Knut and the first class quality of the show while other people are sitting just one row of seats away from them following interested these conversation just to tell us about it afterwards.

Does anyone here still believe in accidents? We believe in godly motivation!

Much more if at the same time an email from the radio station is reaching us in which the overheard is being announced and it is very close to the heart of the author to tell it to Knut personally once again during his next stay in studio.

Should ever we´ve been questioning if what we´re doing is right more confirmation is nearly impossible!?

At least our doubts and our lack of motivation have been blown away and encouraged we´re going forward.

We´re already having further visions. One of them is this website and all others will be announced at the right time.